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I’ve been a singer and songwriter since 1997. Before that and between times, a graphic artist and book illustrator. As I transitioned out of career performing, I began writing non-fiction. Currently, I am working on a novel. I also write short fiction and poetry.

My day job is writer and communications assistant at the Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning. My writing has been published by The Cornell Chronicle, Ezra Magazine, AAP News, and on aap.cornell.edu

I write essays about music and songwriting, my experiences in nature (including human nature), small towns, horses, animals, and the weather. In fiction, I explore my theories about why people and things are the way they are (including myself). And other stuff. I live in the country near Ithaca, New York. Visit my Medium page for recent work and chapters from the novel-in-progress.

I have a photography and design blog, too: sway2this.com
This is my music website. Sadly out of date. Purchase music on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Listen on Spotify, Pandora, and soundcloud.

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